Music (Saturday)

March 27, 2011

Mondo Grosso


Something about Us


Music (Friday)

March 26, 2011

Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny & Richard Bona

Music (Thursday)

March 25, 2011

Victor Wooten

Dave Matthews Band & Victor Wooten

Music (wednesday)

March 24, 2011

So What

Miles Devis

So What

Christian Scott


March 23, 2011

For me , My first step in world of music was being a listener and CD collector . My first CD was Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Blood Sugar Sex Megic . I was 5th grade student in that time and I bought it with my saving money ( It was about $23-24 and the price of CD was $15 ). After that , My cd shelf was getting full continuously . I started with Rock , Funk , Metal and Pop music . When I was in 8th grade , I stepped into jazz world by start with listen to Acid Jazz and Fusion Jazz . In 9th grade , I started to listen Standard Jazz , Blues , R&B which make me started to buy and collect vinlye . During that time , I started to play Bass seriously and took the Bass class which make me enjoy music more and more .

Besides , The other way that make me enjoy music and expand knowledge of music unintentionally was video games . I played a lot of video games from every platform since I was young . Many people may think video games was made for children or just an activity for killing time but for me , It’s an art which made from combination of visual art and sound . Making sound and music for video games is not easy , you have to communicate about stories and emotions which harmonize with images through sound and music . I think every people who reading this can sing ” Mario Theme ”  . Even it was an old-fasioned 8 bit sound , it was a very good example . I had learn many things in musical way through video games .


I graduate from SILPAKORN university , one of the best art university in Asia . finished Jazz studies in bachelor degree level . My instrument is bass , I love to play all kind jazz music , Standard Swing Jazz , Ballard , Funk Fusion Jazz , Latin  Jazz , Acid Jazz even Hip-Hop Jazz . The most I like is standard swing jazz but it’s the worse for me to play it ( hahah ) . Many friends of mine and teachers told me that I play quite outstandingly on funk fusion style . May be because it was the first kind of jazz music that I listened to . With this reason , I was chosen to became a member of the band which represent the students from the faculty to performed in the faculty’s promo tour when I was junior student . In same year , me and 2 friends of mine won the jingle writing competition , It was 30 seconds long commercial of NISSAN .


And right now , I am studying at Pyramind focusing on making sound and music for video games . working hard on Protools , Reason 5 and Synthesis & Sampling class . Also , focusing on improving composing skill . In the future , I want to get into the video game business . Especially , My dream is working in Japanese video game company like CAPCOM , KONAMI , SQUARE – ENIX , NAMCO – BANDAI . Moreover , I want to create my own music by using knowledge from jazz music combine with many fresh ideas and know-how from what I have learnt from Pyramind .

Miles Devis

One of the most influential musicians of the 20th century . He is regarded as one of the most innovative in the history of music . For me , At first time that I have listen to his music , I felt good unexplainably , It was the medium swing  jazz called ” So What ” on the album ” Kind of Blue ” which blew my mind away . As a music college student , I spent many years studied his compositions and his solo during the time in university , and I enjoy it pretty much . I learned so many things from his music such as how to do a good solo , how to create variety of compositions and most important thing was how to think outside the box . My knowledge in jazz study and understanding of music was  unpack like never happen before .

Couple years later , I have had listen his album called ” Doo-Bop ” which is the combination of old Be-Bop and modern Hip-Hop beat , that make me realized that how genius he is . He died in 1991 but his musical heritage still exist everywhere , his music influence in these days Hip-Hop , Jazz , Blues , Rock and many of modern music even in Electronic music .

My favorite albums of Miles Davis that influence to me are

  • Kind of Blue

  • Bitches Brew

  • Doo-Bop

Bam : Tell us a little about your story , your background .

Guillemo : I love movies since I was little . With this passion make me decide to get into film school in Barcelona for bachelor degree level . After that , in the third year of my university , I have decided what major I have to choose , and I had chosen “Sound for Movies” . I want to learn about how to make sound for motion pictures . However, music is one of my passions too . You don’t have to ask me what kind of music do I like , I like almost all kind of music . The only genre which I don’t like much is Hip-Hop . And right now , I sign up here (Pyramind) try to learn everything focusing on sound design .

Bam : Cool !   Do you play any instrument ?

Guillemo : Yeah , I play Drum .


Bam : What kind of movie do you like , which is your favorite ?

Guillemo : I like all kind of it . I am a huge fan of movie . but , if you really want the answer for this question , I will say the horror movie is my favorite and most of them are quite bad …

Bam : What do you mean “bad” ?

Guillemo : For me , it’s not scary at all !!! (hahaha) . My favorite horror movies are The Ring original version , It’s Japanese version , The Blair Witch Project and Texas Chainsaw Massacre .

Bam : What is your favorite soundtrack , from what movie and how is it ?

Guillemo : My favorite soundtrack is from the movie “Clockwork Orange” . It’s kind of  thriller movie . It have a lot of violence scenes in this movie . In this movie , There are classical compositions played on violent scenes . One of my favorite part is when classical piece played along with the scene that one woman was raped . It’s amazing !!!

Bam : You are psycho haha …

Guillemo : haha , I know it sound weird but I mean those compositions and violence scenes are compatible surprisingly .